Make Waitlists Work

rainchk was founded on the belief that the current approach to waitlists leaves money on the table. We are fixing that.

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Automated Waitlists

What is rainchk?

Simply put, a service that helps you fill open appointment windows. Saving you time and allowing you to focus on a better customer experience.

What are some of the advantages of rainchk?

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Integration Agnostic
  • Secure and Automated
  • Scalable and On Demand

Numbers Speak for Themselves

Engage Customers

>0% Response Rate

Book Revenue Faster

0 Days Faster

Save Time

0 Hours Saved

Fast Time to Value

<0 Hour to First Rainchk


Waitlists for everyone!

  • Unlimited Waitlist
  • 1 Rainchk
  • 1 Provider

Get Started

  • Unlimited Waitlist
  • 30 Rainchks
  • 1 Provider

Get Started

  • Unlimited Waitlist
  • Unlimited Rainchks
  • Unlimited Providers

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